What is Stock Vesting, and How does it work?

1,396 ViewsStock vesting is a common practice in the corporate world, especially among startups and high-growth companies. It is a mechanism used to incentivize and retain employees by offering them ownership in the form of stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs). Stock vesting ensures that employees stay with the company for a certain period […]

Why do Canadian university students dislike e-learning?

852 ViewsIt shows that only 15% of the university courses offered are offered in an “advanced” electronic environment, most of them being limited to exchange tools by e-mail and the posting of certain resources online. You could say that the technologies are used in a practical way, but not systematically or structured. Even further to […]


869 ViewsMany people have difficulty communicating their knowledge during exams, in particular because of excessive anxiety. In fact, high stress interferes with cognitive functions (eg concentration, memorization) and therefore affects performance. Different strategies to prepare for and take exams, as well as to control your stress can improve the situation. Try to identify your fears […]