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How To Assist Your Child in Preparing for PSLE Exams


With only a few days till the start of the Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE), learning how to prepare for PSLE is critical. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your youngsters to enhance their revision techniques.

As parents, we must devise better reading tactics for our children as they study for the national tests based on how they did in the mid-year exams or their capacity to understand topics during revision.

Youngsters may learn more effectively if they have the correct mentality and tools. Continue reading on for some PSLE preparation advice.

Study smarter rather than harder.

Studying everything in your syllabus and then forgetting about it during tests is not enjoyable. Assist your child in developing an effective learning plan to keep them engaged. Students who study intelligently have increased self-esteem, competence, and confidence, minimising tension before and during tests. This way, your child’s memory retention may also improve. In addition, students will feel rewarded for their efforts since they will receive higher results on the PSLE tests.

Establish specific objectives.

Most students begin their PSLE revision with former test papers. For example, if the student is taking PSLE for higher Chinese, then they would revise previous papers of that particular subject. On the other hand, setting objectives and recognising problem areas are critical.

A well-defined objective puts your youngster on the right track since they know what they want to accomplish. In addition, when your child has completed all of their goals, they will feel a feeling of success, which will help them face exam questions confidently.

In a kind and helpful manner, inquire about your child’s goals. Such thought-provoking inquiries assist individuals in staying focused on their objectives.

Enrol in tuition centres.

In most situations, education programmes adopt an exam-focused evaluation approach. However, despite being familiar with the questions, most students struggle with their performance using this method.

Knowing all the answers during tests has little to do with intellect or knowledge. Students require the ability to study and pass tests. Unfortunately, not all pupils are gifted in this area.

Fortunately, many tuition centres in Singapore employ tutors who are familiar with the formula of effective education programmes and can assist your child.

Our instructors can assist you with the following:

  • Create techniques to assist pupils in remembering Mathematical formulae or memorising and understanding the Science syllabus.
  • Help students prepare for tests and anticipate the questions they may face.
  • Create techniques to assist them in reducing worry, which may result in low grades.
  • Use your time wisely when studying and taking the exam.

Provide assistance.

You should be there as a parent to motivate, encourage, and assist your child.

A child’s nerves may be overwhelming as they prepare to take the first PLSE tests. Be there and provide assurance. Answer all of their inquiries and advise them on answering questions during examinations.

Encourage them to stick to the study plan so that the youngster does not worry. In addition, being helpful during this time promotes a child’s happiness and confidence.

Give your child plenty of rest.

Finally, while your child prepares for the impending PSLE examinations, encourage them to obtain adequate rest.

Rest, according to studies, increases a student’s attention and focus, resulting in higher performance. Insufficient rest, on the other hand, can create dizziness, a foul mood, and memory lapses, which is a negative omen for a student taking final examinations.

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