Which Is the Better Option: Tutoring Companies or Freelance Tutors?

209 ViewsOnline tutoring giving rise to online tutors UK has grown increasingly popular among students worldwide as the number of people using the internet to further their education grows exponentially. Learning and teaching may be done from the convenience of one’s own home, a crucial benefit of online tutoring for students and teachers. The cheaper […]

7 good reasons to integrate and democratize e-sport in the education system

255 ViewsE-Sports is a form of competitive video game that is streamed and played over the internet either individually or in teams. In the United States, the High School eSports League (HSEL) claims over 1,500 schools as members. The educational effect and the economic traces of e-sport are undeniable because it is already a billion […]

6 activities to do with your students as Earth Day approaches

241 ViewsIn this guide, you will find six activities you can do with your students before Earth Day. They’re designed to help you teach your students about sustainability, show them why it’s important, and provide them with activities and resources they can use to take action throughout the year. Why teach sustainability? Sustainability requires each […]

Why do Canadian university students dislike e-learning?

244 ViewsIt shows that only 15% of the university courses offered are offered in an “advanced” electronic environment, most of them being limited to exchange tools by e-mail and the posting of certain resources online. You could say that the technologies are used in a practical way, but not systematically or structured. Even further to […]

Literature review in the field of health education in primary school

578 ViewsResearch interest in the health education practices of primary school teachers in Quebec and France is relatively recent, and published works are still few in number. 1. Synthesis of literature on practices in health education The research conducted in Quebec has in common to shed light on the inclusion of health education in school, […]