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What does a music teacher do?


A music teacher is a man or woman who teaches music classes at a college or university. He is usually heavily involved with a school band, orchestra, or performing arts company, helping to organize events and prepare for performances. A music teacher might also participate in committees aimed at improving university policies and developing music programs. Most professionals are required to obtain a doctorate in music and work for several years at a university before obtaining the title of professor.

Most music teachers are highly accomplished musicians who have spent many years in formal training to master an instrument. A music teacher may teach general music appreciation classes, focus on teaching students who play a certain instrument, or both. Like other teachers, music teachers are often responsible for developing a strong curriculum, administering tests, grading papers and performances, and helping students make decisions about their academic and professional goals

Qualified teachers often lead university orchestras, bands or choirs. In addition to leading practices and performances, they may take on administrative duties such as organizing events, acquiring uniforms, instruments and other necessary materials, and raising funds. A music teacher may be responsible for acquiring the rights to use a piece of music or for creating an entirely original score, alone or in collaboration with his students.

In order to maintain academic standards and create opportunities for students in a college’s music department, a music teacher may become involved in school committees. He can help analyze policies and procedures, determine the need for additional funds or programs, and offer ideas on how to improve the department. A professor can write official reports and applications, organize school and community meetings, and communicate directly with other university authorities to ensure the success of students and programs.

A person who wants to become a music teacher usually needs to have a doctorate, obtain teaching credentials, and demonstrate proficiency with one or more instruments. Many prospective music teachers work as teaching assistants or instructors while in graduate school to gain experience. After graduating, applicants typically begin applying for faculty positions by submitting their resumes and excerpts of their musical accomplishments. Once hired, a person may be required to work as an assistant teacher for seven or more years before achieving music teacher status.

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