How to choose the best subjects for comparison?


To choose the most suitable subjects for comparison, define two methods for obtaining the same result or explain how two apparently different results are related. The alternative is a compare and contrast approach based on extremes. The trick to choosing the best comparison subjects is to choose the most appropriate framework and highlight the similarities and differences between two options. It’s also helpful to pick a topic that interests you, as you’ll likely know more about the topic and find it more interesting to research than if the topic weren’t of any interest.

In situational comparison test subjects, the similarities may be that the end result of a decision is the same, despite the differences noted during the process. For example, you might consider writing a composition about two different routes leading to the same place. One route may be scenic while the other is not. The scenic route probably takes longer and uses more fuel, while the other is less scenic but faster and uses less fuel. You can list the pros and cons of each route and conclude the essay by stating that both routes will take you to the same place.

Another example of situational comparison for essay writing can be framed around education. The end result may be a bachelor’s degree, but the path to getting there may be different for each person. Examine the similarities and differences in the United States between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Both programs will include liberal arts courses such as language, literature, and history; However, a bachelor’s degree requires significantly less math and science than a bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, the decision to pursue a BA or BS track is up to each student, but the two degrees are considered equal by most employers.

With essay topics comparing two related but different topics, it is best to choose two extremely different topics, such as heat therapy and cold therapy for muscle tension. In terms of education, you can compare home schooling to public school. Although these two areas are wildly different, you may be able to develop some common ground by discussing private school as a happy medium.

Comparison topics that involve two extremes present challenges for writing with natural flow and prose. Finding common ground is just one of many writing tips for moving from one extreme to another. The development of a college graduate is a comparison essay that will allow you to expand on each aspect of the story and tie the two together with the transition period

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